Skills for Any Job

Working with the rail, construction and highways sectors, Menfor Group has a strong track record of providing sub-contracted, targeted labour only solutions for a wide range of projects across the country. We work in collaboration with our clients to provide expertise, capability and enhanced capacity – quickly and seamlessly.

We carry every trade you need – from bricklayers to scaffolders to welders – and it’s our goal to ensure that every single one of our workers has the skills and experience your project requires. Menfor Group understands that sub-contracting of labour is a worry for many sectors and organisations, as you want to be sure the manpower you receive is up to the job at hand. That’s why we have a rolling, always improving training programme to upskill our workers where needed and equip them with the skills and the confidence you demand.

The goal of Menfor Group is to deliver workforce elements that mesh seamlessly with your ongoing project and on-site workforce. We pride ourselves on giving your project the boosted skills and experience you need for successful completion. This is why we put such a strong emphasis on training and up-skilling our workforce, because we know it ultimately benefits our clients.

Flexible Options

Because we work closely with clients across a range of industries, we know that no two projects are the same and, as such, your needs are unique. This is why we offer three kinds of sub-contracting service – so that we can provide the exact, targeted solution you need to bring your project to completion.

We know that every project has unique needs, and it’s Menfor Group’s aim to provide the skills and materials you require for success.

Labour Only Sub-Contracting

If your project calls for qualified, experienced labour-only sub-contracting, then Menfor Group can provide the right assets from a range of industry disciplines, covering every major area of construction, site management, groundworks and more. Our sub-contracting history speaks for itself, and we pride ourselves on providing the right people when you need them for your project.

Labour, Plant and Materials Sub-Contracting

We can also provide labour, plant and materials sub-contracting solutions in the form of reinforced concrete package works. Our concrete division has worked all over the country on various projects in multiple sectors, and our all-in-one labour, plant and materials sub-contacting service is ideal if you need an expert, dedicated team on-site immediately. Please get in touch if you have any reinforced concrete requirements on your projects via

Security Sub-Contracting

Aside from Menfor Groups’ above sub-contracting services, we can also provide trained security personnel across a range of roles for your projects. Whether you need static guards, mobile patrols, keyholders or other security solutions, we can provide dedicated, professional workers to meet your needs.

If you’d like to discuss your sub-contractor or labour only requirements, call us to find out more about how we can help on 01902 903963.