A Highways History You Can Trust

At Menfor Group, we have more than 25 years of collective experience in providing the right skills and solutions to blue-chip organisations, for projects up and down the country as highways contractors UK wide.

We’re proud of the work we’ve undertaken across a diverse spectrum of projects, with our most recent contract allowing us to work on the following large scale projects; M4, A38, A14, A50, M3, M25 as well as the Edinburgh bypass & are currently undertaking works on M5, M6 and M62 smart motorway projects. This project saw us working closely with one of the largest highways contractors in the UK to deliver labour and services for a significant construction project on several of the country’s key highways.

In the past, we’ve worked with well-known contractors providing targeted, expert workforce solutions to meet the needs of various major highways projects. Menfor Group has a wealth of specialist, on-site experience working alongside the best in the industry, and it’s this experience and pedigree we bring to every single project we take on.

We provide trusted, expert solutions – from manpower to combined labour, plant and materials services – tailored to the needs of every client we work with. That’s why our skillset is in such demand and ensures we regularly contract to the very best in the industry.

The Skills You Need

As we regularly work on large-scale highways projects as highways contractors, we understand that every project has multiple, changing and variable requirements. It might be that you have a short fall of resources to take on the job at hand, or you might simply need a boost to your overall workforce to push a project towards completion quickly. Whatever the need, Menfor Group can provide a professional, fully-trained and expert labour solution with proven strategies and processes to circumvent delays and maximise productivity. We place a strong emphasis on giving all of our workforce the training and knowledge they need to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

We work across a range of sectors and, as such, we provide a continuous, always improving in-house training programme for all staff. What that means for you is that our workers know what they need to do and how to bring real, trusted expertise to your project.

What We Offer for Highways Construction projects

To provide the best overall solution to our clients, Menfor Group offers a strong grouping of services designed specifically to meet the needs of the highways sector.

Our skilled workforce can help in every area of your highways project, from initial groundwork all the way through to the completion phase. Whether you need a labour only solution or something more, Menfor Group can provide the answer.

Our services include crews fully trained in deep drainage works, concreting and earthworks, offering a professional fully-trained addition to your existing workforce. If you require more than a supply of labour only workers, Menfor Group also provides a specialist labour, plant and materials concreting service to meet your specific needs.

Due to our large workforce pool and in-house structure, Menfor Group can also offer bespoke rates for client projects, depending on need and location.

Get in contact today to find out more about the range of services we can offer as a highways contractor.

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