What Menfor Group Offers

Menfor Group brings 25-years of experience working with major principle contractors on large-scale construction projects to you for the ultimate in skilled labour solutions.

We’ve successfully delivered services to blue-chip clients across a range of sectors, across the country.

Roads and Motorways

We pride ourselves on the major roads and motorways projects we’ve undertaken, working with contractors like Balfour Beatty, Vinci and Bam Nuttall. We bring wide-ranging experience, versatility and skilled, professional manpower to every road or motorway project we undertake. Currently, we are working with MJ Church Construction on the large-scale M3 Motorway project.

Our personnel have the experience and the training needed to undertake everything from drainage to earthworks to concreting, providing a full roster of skills to help your project succeed.


Menfor Group has provided essential support and manpower to key rail clients such as Network Rail, London Underground Limited, HS2, Crossrail and more.

We can meet specific needs, offering the skills and in-house capacity to help bring any rail network project to successful completion. Menfor Group offers expertise in different discipline areas, all tailored to your specific requirements and those of your rail project.


Over the years, we’ve built up unparalleled expertise for labour only workforce in large-scale retail projects, delivering substantial capability around the UK to many prominent clients.

Menfor Group can provide all of the necessary skills and experience for retail outfitting, renovation and more. In the past, we have worked with Balfour Beatty for Morrison and Galliford Try for Tesco. We understand the complexity and scale of retail work, and work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure the best results.


When working for a defence client, you can rest assured that every worker we provide is thoroughly vetted, highly trained and extensively experienced, capable of meeting stringent demands and working to stringent guidelines.

We put a firm emphasis on the responsibility of working in a highly secure environment, and it’s something we undertake with pride and the utmost respect.


Menfor Group has worked on many major commercial developments meaning we know exactly what it takes to deliver a project on time and to budget.

We have the in-house resources, skills and manpower to provide a boost to any client that requires commercial project skills, from the building phase through to fit out.


We have more than five years’ experience working with major clients in the power sector, including Bam Nuttall, Clugston, Kier and Vinci.

As such, Menfor Group recognises the unique needs of the sector and how to help projects meet their deadlines. Our labour-only contracting services are structured to be versatile, accessible and aligned with the needs of power projects for quick onboarding and superb project management throughout.


Through a long history of working in the utilities sector, Menfor Group has developed strong and productive relationships with the major players in the industry.

We provide fully trained, specialist operatives to the utility industry, supported by our ISO 9001-compliant IMS. We also have a qualified trainer in-house to ensure all of our workers have the latest skills, up-to-date sector knowledge and autonomous capability.

Hotel & Leisure

Menfor Group has a long and strong track record delivering labour only solutions to the hotel and leisure industry.

We have worked for many clients, delivering high-quality results and great value in health, sports and country club, sports centre, swimming pool, hotel and holiday park projects. Because of our broad experience in the hotel and leisure industry, we understand our clients require the best possible end-product, and that’s precisely what Menfor Group delivers.

Contact Menfor Group today and let us know about the labour solutions you need. We have a deep pool of talent available, all fully-trained and experienced and ready to meet your needs.