A Growing Sector

The UK utilities sector is on a steep upwards trajectory thanks to increased investment, competition and technical advancement. Menfor Group fully expects that growth will only continue as the government pushes ahead with increases in the nation’s nuclear power capabilities.

The most recent projections forecast that this booming and increasingly important sector is set to grow by two hundred thousand workers by the year 2023. It is clear that this means the utilities sector will require a much-increased level of investment and large-scale project work in the very near future.

Menfor Group is fully prepared for this development within the utilities sector. We have significant in-house resources and the industry contacts needed to meet this demand and supplement existing workforces with the skills required for project success seamlessly and crucially. This allows our clients to fully embrace and benefit from the shifting utilities landscape and new energy being brought to by this sector.

Menfor Group has worked above and below the ground in the utilities sector with leading utilities contractors for a number of years. This experience has meant we’ve accrued a wealth of technical, logistical and practical knowledge of the sector along with a full and clear understanding of the specific needs of organisations operating in this challenging and diverse work space. We pride ourselves on providing a professional and fully trained workforce to bridge the skills gap and ultimately, provide real value to your project from the beginning of our relationships.

Specialist Utilities Solutions

Throughout our long history of working in partnership with the utilities sector, Menfor Group has developed strong and productive relationships. Our focus is on delivering the best solutions for our client’s needs, by offering the best in class labour and a mass of highly trained talent.

We know and understand the unique and demanding challenges of the utilities sector. Our labour pool is populated exclusively by specialist and fully-trained operatives with sector-specific skills. We put an exacting emphasis on industry-leading and sector-targeted training, ensuring that the workforce we provide can merge seamlessly with your ongoing project workflow from day one.

Our in-house, qualified trainers provide new and updated training and accreditation for personnel as required. Everything we do is underpinned by our ISO 9001-compliant IMS because we want you to have the utmost confidence in the labour we provide.

What We Do

Since our inception, Menfor Group has worked closely with a number of key stakeholders within the utilities sector to bring large-scale projects to successful completion.

Taking on a wide range of roles and providing specific solutions, Menfor Group can offer the following resources to the utilities sector:

  • Foundation construction for high voltage equipment and elements.
  • Infrastructure work, including deep drainage, duct work, retaining wall construction and more.
  • Civil works such as cladding, brickwork, blockwork and structural steel.

If you are responsible for a project in the utilities space, contact Menfor Group today and ask about our range of specialist services for the UK utilities sector. We have the experience, the workforce and the skills to help you in each and every phase.

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