Nuclear Industry Contracting – The Skills Your Project Need

As we move away from fossil fuels, the nuclear industry is expected to grow in both importance and size over the next several years, heralding a time of opportunity and challenge for those working in the sector. Menfor Group is here to help you overcome some of those challenges with a highly skilled, qualified contracting solution.

Menfor Group has a proven background providing skilled workforce solutions for nuclear facilities and projects, and we want you to know that we only provide skilled, fully trained and professional operatives for all nuclear industry contracting jobs we undertake. We put robust, industry-leading training at the core of everything we do, because we know our clients demand the best. That’s why we deliver rolling, sector-specific training to our workforce, and it’s why we pride ourselves on the labour solutions we provide.

We understand that projects in the nuclear sector are complex and challenging, and it’s our promise – and passion – to deliver experienced and targeted solutions for your needs, whatever they may be.

Vetted, Trusted Personnel

From our work on previous nuclear power contracting jobs, we understand the need for the utmost security and safety when working in the nuclear sector.

Menfor Group understands that projects in the nuclear sector require an exceptional level of capability, care and attention to detail when it comes to putting the right people on site. That’s why we undertake rigorous vetting and screening of all workers we provide to your project, and we’re happy to comply with enhanced security checks to ensure you feel one-hundred percent confident with the workforce elements we provide.

Some firms can find it hard to comply with the required security credentials and training needs of nuclear contractor jobs, but that’s not the case with Menfor Group. Thanks to our robust in-house training provision, we have the skills and the experience on-hand to meet the needs of your project.

Sector-Specific Solutions

Our goal at Menfor Group is always to expand and develop our capabilities, giving us the ability to offer clients the skills, experience and labour they need, when they need it most, that’s what makes us one of the best nuclear contracting companies in the UK.

We ensure to provide industry-leading, and up to date training to all of our staff, preparing them to meet sector-specific needs. When you choose Menfor Group for your nuclear sector project, you can rest easy knowing that the labour we provide has the specific training, experience and skills to help push your project towards completion.

In the past, we have provided ground workers, steel fixers and shuttering carpenters etc. to clients in the nuclear sector, and we also offer a variety of other skills and services to complement the existing on-site workforce.

Get in touch today with Menfor Group and see how we can provide quality, targeted labour solutions for your nuclear sector project.

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