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Ex-Armed Forces Policy

Working with Ex-Armed Forces Candidates

Menfor Group is proud to work with ex-armed forces personnel, as we recognise that they have a raft of important skills and experiences to bring to our organisation and those of our clients. We have specific procedures and programmes in place to work with former military personnel ensuring their wealth of transferable skills is channelled into new roles.

We are also aware that reintegrating back into civilian life and beginning a new career outside of the military isn’t always easy for former members of the armed forces. To counter this and ensure all required support is available and accessible, we have developed a strong, tailored training framework.

Our training pathways and specific commitment to ex-armed forces personnel, mean we help those who come to work with us to build a strong, rewarding new career path in a chosen field. This is how we help our ex-armed forces employees to reach their goals and maximise their potential – with robust support in place every step of the way.

We Value Skills

When we’re looking for employees who can boost the capabilities and skills of Menfor Group, we put great emphasis on having the right skills and attitude.

Ex-armed forces personnel bring varied, valuable attributes which typically they have learned in the forces to our organisation, and we respect that. We’re always looking for skills like leadership ability, discipline, quick thinking, calmness under pressure and more – and we invariably find these skills in former members of the armed forces. These skills and talents mesh perfectly with the fast-paced, varied work we perform for clients, and it’s one of the major reasons we endeavour to attract ex-armed forces personnel.

The Right People for the Right Job

When we hire ex-members of the armed forces, Menfor Group doesn’t just drop the individual into the organisation with no guidance or support. We have robust recruitment and training policies in place to ensure that all ex-armed forces personnel find the role that is right for them and their skills.

During the interview phase, we conduct detailed assessments covering everything from experience, skills and previous job roles within the forces to roles outside of the armed forces and more. This helps Menfor Group ensure that the candidate in question finds their way into a role that makes the most use of their skills and takes into consideration their unique needs and abilities.


As part of our commitment to providing apprenticeships for new entrants into the sector, we also offer apprenticeships to ex-members of the armed forces.

We believe that everyone should have the chance to develop new skills and improve existing capabilities, and this applies to the ex-armed forces personnel we bring into the organisation. We want to put our workers in a position to succeed and sometimes the best route towards a new career is through our apprenticeship scheme.

Fair, Understanding Treatment

As part of Menfor Groups’ strong understanding and commitment to our armed forces, we know that leaving the armed forces can present unique challenges. As such, we take a flexible and understanding approach to all our ex-armed forces workers, striving to create a development and work environment that considers specific needs.

We’re committed to delivering long-term, suitable employment for ex-armed forces personnel and providing support along the journey.

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