M25 junction 25 improvement scheme

Our main works are now complete and the scheme was opened for traffic on Thursday 15 September 2022.

Before we started our improvements, the area suffered from congestion and regular delays, with up to 6,300 vehicles passing through the junction every hour. If nothing was done, queues would increase, air quality would deteriorate and congestion would limit future developments in the area.

We made a number of improvements to ensure the junction can better deal with the existing and future levels of traffic. We’ve:

  • Installed a dedicated off slip from the M25 clockwise onto the A10 northbound towards Hertfordshire
  • Added capacity to the junction roundabout and redesigned the layout to help improve safety
  • Widened the A10 southbound approach to the junction
  • Installed new pedestrian crossing points and improved the subway
  • Carried out significant planting around the junction

Throughout construction, we also:

  • Laid more than 21,000m² of surfacing
  • Installed 1,270m of safety barrier
  • Planted more than 4,100 trees, shrubs and plants
  • Installed 285 metres of noise barrier
  • Spent more than £1.3m with local suppliers
  • Created jobs for 15 local people
  • Provided apprentices with 88 weeks’ worth of work

Although the main works are now complete, there may be an occasional overnight closure on or around the junction so we can carry out any finishing or maintenance works.